PortraArt.com is a platform of Polish born artist-photographer Waldemar Obrycki. Waldemar has been in photography business since late 70th - first in Poland then from 83 in Canada and for last 15 years in New Jersey.

Photograph is a mosaic contained of many pieces: composition, lighting, posing, post processing and many other elements we know how to fit together.. We put this puzzle together this way, that we are able to offer you highest quality photographic art. We strive for perfection in every photograph we create.. This is why our works are distinctively better than others - they do not show just subjects but also tell their stories.

We mastered posing - which is art in itself - very few photographers are comfortable with. Subjects in our portraits have grace and finesse of ballet art pose, with distinctive feel of motion, which makes them look so alive. Therefore our works put striking impact on a viewer, making impression that our portrait objects are just about to step out of the frame.

We also pride ourselves that in every photograph - we create - our models are masterfully lit to the best advantage of their facial and body features - enhancing some or hiding undesired and to build intended mood of the scene.Our portraits most of the time are lit the Rembrandt's style - we consider most flattering in portrait.We are also experts on using natural outdoor light that is why our outdoor photographs do not fall behind, compared to studio lit works. Your wedding or other indoor event will always be off camera lit by our exclusive, sophisticated lighting system /up to 7 radio controlled strobes/, to create 3-D like effect, to further enhance photographs from your once in a life time event.

While making these statements we realize, that you have an option to check on creditability of our claims, by simply looking into other photographers web sites or at your local photographer's studio display - and as the matter of fact we challenge you to do so.. After that - we are quite positive - we will see you at our door step..

We look forward to creating your once-in-a-lifetime portraits; after all PortraArt.com is not only a business enterprise, but overall a place where we express ourselves as artists.






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